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#VoiceIT, a Message from @DroppedGunner

Suicide Awareness is huge yet so small at the same time.

So many men and women are battling mental illness such as PTSD.

The cause gets little to no light and the light it does get quickly fades.

My best friend was Active and deployed when he committed suicide which broke me but opened my eyes to something bigger than myself.

The VoiceIT movement is to create an echo for those who need help. It allows them to have a voice and to be heard without feeling weak. We will be their volume getting them the help they need. Whether it is a simple ear to talk to, a place to donate to, and even a place to go for help or pointed in the right direction.

I don’t want to see anyone ever suffer again.

Active Duty, First Responders and of course our Veterans have given so much to ensure we have our freedom that its more than overdue that we give back. They shouldn’t be suffering, angry, depressed or be blaming themselves.

They’ve given so much more than we will ever know. Join the movement, be a voice to create the echo allowing them to be heard.

You’ll become something more than words, bigger than yourself.

100% of the Profits from the Shirt Goes Towards Helping Battle-Bro Call-A-Day Network for Verified Veterans

VoiceIt for Suicide Awareness with @droppedgunner and OTAC Feature

Battle-Bro is a unique, secure call-a-day safety network for verified Veterans. It gives Veterans the ability to support & connect with each other every day, and as often as needed. Veterans simply call or text another Veteran every 24 hours and check the box next to their name to signify they have been reached. It combats isolation & stops suicide. And it's exclusively for verified Veterans. Battle-Bro is run by The Warrior Connection.

The Warrior Connection

The Warrior Connection Battle-Bud Call-A-Day Network

The Warrior Connection (TWC) provides residential retreats and services to
veterans and their families to heal the invisible wounds incurred in uniform. TWC’s program eases the suffering of veterans and their families struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or military sexual trauma (MST). Our program helps prevent suicide and divorce, while supporting improvement in the five key areas of well-being (physical health, friends & family, community, career, and financial).

Retreat Programs

During a powerful six-day residential retreat, our trained facilitators, mentors, and clinicians create safe and trustworthy settings where small groups of veterans are guided through processes and provided tools to explore, feel, and ultimately release the traumatic events still holding them hostage. This empowers them to return to their families and communities as the partner, parent, son, daughter, friend, and employee they want to be. Separate retreats are held for male and female veterans as well as for family members of veterans.

Competitive Advantage

TWC retreats are veteran led and backed by neuroscience and analysis. The program combines ancient warrior cultural traditions with modern science-based analysis, mindfulness techniques, trauma sensitive exercise, outdoor nature activities, elements of individual counseling (CBT), group
coaching (GCBT), and the expressive arts to address and release the root causes of PTSD or MST.

TWC helps veterans and their families break the cycle of suffering so the healing begins and can continue.

The Reasons

  • 230% more veterans commit suicide compared to the civilian
  • population
  • 154% increase in veteran mental health service requests
  • 84% of veterans get divorced
  • 57% increase in veterans suicide
  • 22 suicides each day

Source: VA, Ntl Center for PTSD; 2016

TWC Headquarters

The Warrior Connection
Phone: 866.278.3155
501(c)(3) - EIN #30-0653682